The Galena Structured Credit Resources Fund sub-participates in Trafigura-sourced financing facilities resulting from a unique synergy otherwise inaccessible to external capital. The Fund's diversified portfolio covers trade finance loans for small to medium energy and base metals producers.

Commodity trade finance remains an attractive investment strategy when managed within the appropriate liquidity parameters. Trade financing is vital; enabling the trade, transport, storage and transformation of commodities to happen seamlessly.

Global commodity trade growth fuelled by new emerging demand has created a funding gap and, profiting from this, the Fund primarily acts as the lender in these growing financing markets. Whilst enabling participation in global commodity trade growth, the underlying asset secures the credit line allowing Galena to capture the upside. Galena's edge in the industry is amplified by direct commodity backing via Trafigura's offtake of the material whilst also leveraging the security of a self-liquidating asset.

The commodity credit gap opened an opportunity for Galena; now, Galena's Structured Credit Resources Fund opens an opportunity for investors.