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Press Release, 07.09.2018

Dugout Canyon Mine receives 2017 Safe Operator of the Year Award


Labor Commission of the State of Utah and the Office of Coal Mine Safety has just announced that the Dugout Canyon Mine (part of Bowie Resource Partners, LLC which is majority-owned by the Galena Private Equity Resources Fund), has received the 2017 Safe Operator of the Year Award for a large underground coal mine.  The Dugout Canyon Mine which is located near Prince, Utah, recorded zero lost time accidents throughout 2017, reflecting the mine's strong safety culture and commitment to safety programs and training. 


In addition, Hawcroft Consulting recently completed their annual insurance risk survey of Bowie's three mines - Sufco, Skyline and Dugout – which each scored in the "Lowest Risk" section of Hawcroft's rating system for underground coal mines.  In addition, Dugout Canyon was ranked as the #1 lowest risk underground coal mine of all those surveyed by Hawcroft throughout the world.  This is truly an amazing accomplishment, congratulations to the teams for these results.  


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